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Sofia Shibabaw, Betty G, Zeritu Kebede, Chachi Tadesse & Israel Abel - Yeselam Sew Negn | የሰላም ሰ

Published on 16 Sep 2020 / In Music

Ethiopian Music : Betty G, Sofia Shibabaw, Zeritu Kebede, Chachi Tadesse & Israel Abel (ቤቲ ጅ፣ ሶፊያ ሺባባው፣ ዘሪቱ ከበደ፣ ቻቺ ታደሰ እና እስራኤል አቤል) - Yeselam Sew Negn | የሰላም ሰው ነኝ - New Ethiopian Music 2020 (Official Video)
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